Replacement windows come in a variety of types. All new windows are double-pane, which means there are two pieces of glass with a space of air between them. For more insulated windows, manufacturers are adding insulating gas instead of air in the middle to cut down on heat loss. The materials used to make the glass are also becoming more advanced, as more effort is being made to make energy efficient windows that are attractive and affordable.

Replacement windows for an entire house aren't cheap. The average cost of replacing ten 3' X 5' windows is approx. $10,000, but if you choose a quality product your home won't need new windows for many years. Replacing old or drafty windows may make you eligible for a tax rebate as well!

Save 30% off the cost of your windows and doors, up to $1500 if you meet qualifying energy efficiency standards. Section 1121 of the stimulus package allows for a federal energy tax credit to homeowners, up to 30% of the cost of window and door replacement. To qualify, windows and doors must have a 0.30 U-factor and 0.30 Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) or better.

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