• Teal painted countertop backsplash
  • Baby blue painted kitchen countertop backsplash
  • Dark blue painted kitchen counter backsplash

Painted Backsplashes

Painted backsplashes provided by the Glasskote fabrication company.


The Glasskote painted backsplashes will spice up any new kitchen! The paint comes in 10,000 colors ensuring that you get the look you dreamed of! Glasskote also extends a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Glasskote Website
  • Patterned glass examples 1
  • Patterned glass examples 2

Pattern Glass

Patterned, textured, and etched glass from the Western States and Cardinal Glass Companies.


With a wide selection of patterned glass we are certain that you will find what you need for any cabinet door, sidelight for a door, or just decorative glass for any room. Feel free to visit our suppliers' websites to view some more samples.

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